Here are some useful links:

The Boardof Studies Physics syllabus page will give you syllabus details. You will need to scroll down the page to get to Physics.

A very useful set of resourcesis on BobEmery's page Thereare notes aplenty and many useful and interesting links.

Another excellent source ofmaterial is the centrefor open learning runby DET. Some of the downloadable materials may be available onlywhen you are at school.

On-line HSC Physics is maintained by Charles Sturt Universityand is tops for a detailed look at the syllabus and its requirements. This does not include the preliminary course - only the HSC course.

The Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF) has excellent notes as part of its outreach program for both The Cosmic Engine and the Astrophysics elective in the HSC Physics course.

The University of Sydney has begun work on a very useful set of learning materials on their amps website. Very worthwhile for you to visit. The University of New South Wales via Uniserve has an excellent collection of web-sites relevant to each syllabus topic.

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